Our range of services allows our high-tech clients to remain competitive and increase profitability in a very tough and fast paced industry.

Through our collective service offering we are able to reduce supply chain complexity and costs by offering end-to-end supply chain solutions to our high tech customers. This enables the streamlining of processes and close collaboration between supply chain partners. We have a deep understanding of the specific needs and requirements of the following major market segments:

• Consumer Electronics
• Computer & Office Equipment

Our range of services include:
• Inbound logistics
• Warehousing services
• Value added services
• Repacking, co-packing
• Outbound logistics
• High value goods distribution networks
• Installation services
• End of Life or Reverse logistics

For information on our solutions for your high-tech logistics requirements, please contact us at 905.850.9002 or send us an email at sales@3pllinks.com